STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — State Sen. Andrew Lanza and Assemblyman Sam Pirozzolo are making their opposition to Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) known, officially announcing the introduction of legislation to prohibit their installation within Staten Island.

“In response to the rightful community backlash regarding BESS sites being installed in residential and school zones, Senator Andrew Lanza and I are proud to announce legislation to prohibit the siting or operation of these machines in residential or school zones on Staten Island,” Pirozzolo R-Mid-Island/North Shore) said in a statement. “While I firmly believe that this type of energy-technology is the future, the implementation has to be practical and responsible. Placing a large, sophisticated machine, filled with potentially explosive lithium-ion batteries, in residential or school communities is unacceptable. The fires caused by these batteries typically cannot be extinguished because of the presence of harsh chemical toxins, increasing the hazard and potential damage.”