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I will always stand up for Staten Islanders

“We are going to turn the state around. We are going to save our state. …I promise that when I go up to Albany I will keep you first in my mind and what can I do for the people of Staten Island,”

33 Years

Small Business Owner

7 Years

Former president of Community Education Council 31

12 Years

Vice President of the New York City Parents Union

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Law Enforcement

As a strong advocate for law enforcement, Sam will craft directed at a 100 percent repeal of the no bail laws that have been responsible for the murder of police officers and innocent civilians including sadly, even little children caught in the crossfire of gang-related shootings.


Sam has been recognized as an education advocate, looking to reform and build our education system in New York State. Sam also found the time to lead the educational community of Staten Island for seven years as a former president of Community Education Council 31.

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