Public Safety

As a concerned citizen and Assemblyman, I am committed to restoring public safety in our communities. The rise in crime rates has left many residents feeling vulnerable and afraid. We need a comprehensive approach to address this issue and ensure the safety of our citizens.

To achieve this goal, I will fight for a no-nonsense, tough-on-crime agenda that prioritizes the safety of our communities. This includes repealing the disastrous bail laws that have led to the release of violent criminals back into our neighborhoods.

I will also support and re-fund the NYPD, ensuring that our police officers have the resources they need to keep our communities safe. We need to hold criminals accountable for their actions, and I will work to ensure that our justice system is fair and effective in doing so.

Together, we can make our communities safer and restore peace of mind to our citizens. As your Assemblyman, I am committed to fighting for these values and will work tirelessly to make them a reality.