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My name is Sam Pirozzolo and I am running for City Council for the mid-island 50th District of Staten Island. Every day we read headlines that make us ask, “What the heck is going on? Can these people be serious? I can do a better job than these idiots.”


Well, that’s what my campaign is about. It’s about common sense, not nonsense. For too long we have elected politicians that never had a “real” job. They simply signed their names on the back of paychecks. Well, I’ve been putting my name on the front of paychecks for over 32 years as owner of a small business. More than once I thought I wouldn’t be able to survive. But we small business owners always find a way – not only for the sake of our families but for the families of our employees. When was the last time a politician worried about his job because the economy wasn’t doing well or was in a recession or entering a depression?


During election cycles most politicians worry more about keeping their jobs than about you keeping your job. The reason is simple, other than politics, politicians have no other skills; they have nothing to fall back on.


That is why I am the best choice for NY City Council. Not only have I owned and operated a successful business, but I served as the Staten Island Community Education Council President for 7 years. During that time I helped advise the NYC Schools Chancellor and Staten Island students received expanded Gifted & Talented programs, replacements of antiquated Public Address/Fire Alarm Systems and the acquisition of 3 additional schools. I have also chaired many committees in the Steinway Street Business Improvement District and was elected chairman of the entire BID. I’ve held leadership positions within my own profession – on the Board of Directors/and as President of the NYS Society of Opticians – Metro Chapter. My successes helped improve the standard of living for myself, my neighbors, friends and Staten Island community.


This November, cast your vote for someone who understands you, your struggles, and your desire for a better life. I am that person. If you want to learn more about me and help support my campaign, please visit my website at


Sam T Pirozzolo

Candidate for City Council 2021