STATEN ISLAND, NY —  The following statement is from Sam Pirozzolo, the Republican and Conservative nominee for State Assembly District 63, on today’s announcement from NYC Mayor Eric Adams immediately lifting the city’s vaccination requirement for school sports and extracurricular activities, as well as a planned lifting of the vaccination mandate for private-sector employees…

“Since the very beginning, I’ve believed that COVID-19 vaccine mandates defied science and lacked reason.  Make no mistake, while I am pleased to hear the mayor lift these mandates involving our children, I cannot help but point out the extremely obvious absence of logic in this decision, which is further compounded by the mayor’s planned rollback of the vaccine mandate for private-sector employees.  How is it that public-sector employees — municipal workers such as teachers, cops, firefighters, sanitation workers, and others — must still be vaccinated, yet other people in the environments where they do their work don’t have to be?  

There are more than 1,400 municipal employees who’ve been laid off because of the city’s science-defying COVID-19 vaccine mandate.  For many of those individuals, that job was their family’s only source of income, and the mayor’s continued refusal to lift the vaccine mandate proves just how devoid of empathy and compassion bureaucrats like him have become.  

We cannot and will not rest until all COVID-19 vaccine mandates have been lifted, and all 1,400+ municipal employees are reinstated with backpay!”