STATEN ISLAND, NY —  Today, Sam Pirozzolo, the Republican and Conservative Nominee for State Assembly District 63 on Staten Island, offered his reaction to news that radical New York City socialists have introduced legislation to rename Columbus Day, which is a federal holiday that has, historically, celebrated the contributions made by generations of Italian immigrants to our city, state, and nation, as Indigenous People’s Day.  

The legislation, A10728/S2759, aims to “reimagine” Columbus Day by transforming what they claim is a “celebration of colonialism” into “an opportunity to reveal historical truths about the genocide of indigenous people in the Americas” by renaming the holiday as Indigenous People’s Day

“As a first-generation Italian-American, I am disgusted by this latest attempt to smear Italian-Americans and cancel a holiday that, for more than 100 years, has celebrated the contributions made by Italians immigrants like my parents, who came to this country as children in 1930s,” said Pirozzolo“This is not just my story, and it is not just a Staten Island story;  Italian immigrants settled all across New York and helped build it — physically, economically, and culturally.  I find it ironic how, more often than not, those looking to do the canceling belong to the side that claims to be the most inclusive.  Italian-Americans deserve nothing less than an opportunity to celebrate their culture, the same privilege that is afforded to dozens of other cultural groups who belong to the great big melting pot that is our city, state, and nation.”

Pirozzolo announced that he has launched a petition to raise awareness about the issue and compel the sponsors to withdraw their legislation.  The petition can be viewed online at