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From the petty crimes of package stealing and rifling through your unlocked cars to the violent crime that shakes you to your core, Staten Island is no longer the safe bedroom community it was just 10 or 15 years ago.

The difference between then and now is that our police are under attack by our elected officials and our courts no longer uphold the law.

We must return respect to our Police force, we must give them the tools they need to keep us safe, and we must fight along with our state legislators to return sanity to the court system.


New Yorkers are overtaxed, and taxes we already pay are misspent on policies and programs that most taxpayers do not agree with. Government insists on telling us how many sodas we can drink but they hide the amount of wasted dollars thrown at unsuccessful spending programs.

Instead of Consumers Affairs we need a Department of Taxpayers Affairs.

It is time for government to provide an accounting of taxes we pay each year, including all of the hidden nuisance taxes. It is time we hold government programs accountable for success or failure.


In my opinion education is the long-term cornerstone to success of New York City. For far too long our public education system has been a systemic failure for a majority of our students. It is a failure due to the bureaucrats who have a stranglehold on our elected officials.

Our schools must become a place of education and not places where our children are robbed, assaulted, or bullied. As a society we can no longer tolerate schools where over 95% of our children cannot pass state exams in Math, Reading, and Writing.

I Will Fight for These Principles by Any Means Necessary