STATEN ISLAND, NY —  Today, Sam Pirozzolo, the Republican and Conservative Nominee for State Assembly District 63 on Staten Island, stood alongside representatives of Staten Island’s Republican elected officials, as well as concerned members of the community, to voice their opposition to a proposal from New York City Mayor Eric Adams regarding the warehousing of illegal migrants aboard cruise ships docked at Staten Island’s Homeport Pier, on the North Shore.

“My heart breaks, truly, for our North Shore neighbors.  They’ve been sold empty promise after empty promise, and, in the end, they got screwed,” said Pirozzolo“With numerous homeless shelters, drug rehabilitation clinics, and now cruise ships warehousing thousands of illegal migrants, the question is jut how much more can the North Shore community take?”

Pirozzolo continued: “I find it incredibly ironic that Mayor Adams claims they did not ask for these migrants — but I recall his predecessor, Bill de Blasio, quite firmly declaring our city to be a ‘sanctuary city.’  And, when you publicly state that housing and other services will be provided at the expense of taxpayers, it all gives the perception that there is no consequence for coming here illegally.

Mayor Adams must be more vocal in demanding action from President Joe Biden; action that actually addresses the humanitarian crisis occurring at our southern border.  In fact, this may very well be the most defining moment of Adams’ mayoralty.”

Pirozzolo’s remarks can be heard in full by visiting  He also recently penned a letter to the editor that was published in the Staten Island Advance; it can be viewed at