STATEN ISLAND, NY —  Today, the New York State Bail Bondsman Association issued an endorsement of Sam Pirozzolo in the race for State Assembly District 63 on Staten Island.  Pirozzolo is the Republican and Conservative nominee.

The New York State Bail Bondsman Association is a non-profit agency that represents more than 200 bail agents across New York State and works to maintain the integrity of the state’s bail bonds industry.   

In a statement from its Executive Vice President Michelle Esquenazi, the New York State Bail Bondsman Association said:  “NYSBBA is proud to endorse Sam Pirozzolo for NYS Assembly District 63.  Sam will serve the good people of his district as he is the law and order candidate.  Sam’s commitment to accountable secured bail policies is to be commended.”

Pirozzolo has long called for a complete repeal of the disastrous and shortsighted bail policies set under Governor Andrew Cuomo and Albany Democrats in 2019 — which many believe have caused the rate of most major and violent crimes to skyrocket in the state’s largest cities, including New York City, Albany, and Rochester.  

I am pleased to have earned the support of the New York State Bail Bondsman Association in this crucial race to flip Assembly District 63 and end one-party rule.  While many had warned state lawmakers about the ramifications of eliminating bail, bail bondsmen were among the first.  They’ve continued to advocate for a complete repeal of failed bail reform and I look forward to joining them in this fight when I head to Albany in January,said Pirozzolo.   

Pirozzolo continued:  Governor Kathy Hochul and Albany Democrats have effectively turned our state’s criminal justice system into a revolving door, with dangerous criminals being released back onto our streets almost as quickly as they’re being taken off them, said Pirozzolo.  “Under one-party rule, Albany Democrats have allowed a small but brazenly vocal minority of radical and out-of-touch lawmakers to place the interests of criminals before those of law-abiding New Yorkers.  This cannot continue, and that’s why we must double down on efforts that lead to a complete repeal of this failed policy.

In New York City, the citywide rate of robbery is up +38.9% YTD, the rate of felony assault is up +17% YTD, and the rate of grand larceny auto is up +38.3% YTD.  These rates are part of a city-wide spike in major crimes, nearing +35% YTDOn Staten Island, these rates trend similarly, where robbery is up +23.2% YTD, felony assault is up +38% YTD, and grand larceny auto is up +104% YTD — all three being part of a borough-wide spike in major crimes, nearing +35% YTD.

As a result of the criminal justice reforms passed in 2019, only the most serious of crimes are eligible for bail — meaning that, in many cases, violent crimes and those involving the possession of an illegal firearm are not eligible for bail.  This, in turn, has led to hundreds of dangerous criminals being set loose mere hours after their arrest, only to be picked up again days or weeks later for a similar offense.    

Several former top law enforcement officials, including former NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea and former NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence & Counterterrorism John Miller, have blamed New York City’s crime wave on the state’s elimination of bail, among other shortsighted criminal justice reforms.