New York City DOE Parents’ Coalition Counteroffer to de Blasio DOE Blended Learning


In order to continue the effective education of students, we, the parents of children enrolled in the Department of Education have organized under the New York City DOE Parents’ Coalition to request that the following terms be met immediately.

Our demands are prompted by the Department of Education’s decision to abandon its obligation to provide New York City students with a quality in-school education but instead switch to a blended learning model that includes remote education. While we acknowledge that the COVID pandemic prompted this decision, it is clear that the DOE’s newly adopted education practices contradict accepted education practices during a pandemic outlined by health and education experts and that the DOE’s method of COVID testing far exceeds Center for Disease Control recommendations.

We therefore request that the DOE accept our terms and conditions for educating students and administering COVID tests.


We, the members of the NYC DOE Parents Coalition request that Mayor Bill de Blasio and the New York City Department of Education meet the following demands:


I. All schools will remain open for in classroom learning and extra-curricular activities according to CDC guidelines:

All students will be permitted to:

  • Attend school in person and receive a free, public school education within their local school building with staff present from kindergarten to age 21 or receipt of a high school diploma, whichever comes first. This should be done following CDC guidelines.
  • All students will attend extra curricular school activities conforming to CDC guidelines.
  • Schools shall only be closed according to CDC recommendations.

II. Health testing to track the spread of disease will not go beyond CDC guidelines and include the following terms for data collection:

  • School health projects that include the collection of health data from students must undergo a review by the DOE’s Division of Assessment and Accountability Proposal Review Committee. The implementation of the project must undergo a public hearing before it can be approved.


  • The option for a parent or guardian to be present during the collection of physical specimens from a student or the ability for parent or guardian to have the physical specimen collected from a DOE approved third party and delivered to the NYC DOE in the same day as other physical samples are collected must be provided to everyone without a medical exemption.


  • When parent/guardian allows in-school physical specimens to be collected from student(s), NYC DOE will provide the parent/guardian with the name, credentials and result of background check for every person(s) collecting physical specimens in school prior to the demand for consent. Consent form should include written assurance that the physical specimen(s) obtained will not be used for research project(s) other than the one identified on the form and preserve the ability for the parent/guardian to initiate a lawsuit against the NYC DOE and the third party entity collecting the physical specimen(s) in the event the student is harmed.


III. Additional services for children with special needs:

  • Students who cannot be provided with in-person therapeutic services according to his/her IEP will receive a voucher to receive in-person services at an independent therapeutic service provider of parent/guardian’s choice. The voucher will include compensation for therapeutic services for in-person sessions missed due to school closures, as well as for the remote (teletherapy) sessions that were attempted, but not productive.

Exemption for vaccinations and testing:

  • Parent/guardian shall have the right to exempt student(s) from vaccinations for medical, religious or reason of personal belief as the health risk such exemption would pose is only to those individuals NOT receiving vaccinations.


  • Students who have tested positive for COVID 19 anti bodies will be exempt from testing requirements.