Guest Speaker Curtis Sliwa Highlights Importance of the 2022 Election

STATEN ISLAND, NY – On July 28th , Staten Island Republican Party Chairman Anthony Reinhart and Staten Island Conservative Party Chairman David Curcio hosted a “Blue to Red” reception in support of Sam Pirozzolo, candidate for the 63rd Assembly District. The event was held at Staten Island Republican Party Headquarters, 2300 Richmond Road.

Guest speaker Curtis Sliwa, the 2021 Republican Party candidate for Mayor, attended in support of Sam Pirozzolo and highlighted many reasons that we need to flip the 63 rd Assembly Seat into the Republican column and elect Sam Pirozzolo to the State Assembly this November. Republican Party Chairman Anthony Reinhart said, “Sam Pirozzolo will fight for fiscal sanity in Albany, law and order in our community, and sound education policies in the classroom. In short, Sam is ready to go to Albany to disrupt the socialist democrat status quo. Sam has earned the support of Republicans and Conservatives alike. Working together, we will flip this seat from blue to red.” 

Conservative Party Chairman David Mario Curcio said, “As the fusion candidate of both the Conservative and Republican parties, Sam Pirozzolo will be formidable in his contest for State Assembly this November. In addition to electing Lee Zeldin as our next Governor, we must end the democrat supermajority in the legislature if we are to save our state. The election of Sam Pirozzolo is an integral part of that effort. We look forward to working with our friends in the Republican party to make it so.” 

“We have a truly unique opportunity, this year, to flip an Assembly District long held by Democrats. Our ‘Blue to Red’ reception demonstrated that both the Republican and Conservative parties are ready to move forward in a unified show of force, and that together we are going to make history,” said Sam Pirozzolo, the Republican and Conservative endorsed candidate for State Assembly District 63. “I’d like to thank Republican Chairman Anthony Reinhart and Conservative Chairman David Curcio, as well as all party members, for their efforts to mobilize as we march forward towards a historic victory in November.” 

Sam Pirozzolo has garnered the Republican Party and Conservative Party nominations. This campaign is one of the most unique Republican-Conservative Assembly pickup opportunities in the entire State.