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Sam Pirozzolo Introduces Plan to Eliminate Traffic Congestion and Increase Public Safety

NEW YORK CITY COUNCIL CANDIDATE SAM PIROZZOLO (R-50 CD) INTRODUCES PLAN TO ELIMINATE TRAFFIC CONGESTION AND INCREASE PUBLIC SAFETY.   For Immediate Release Contact Nicholas Robbins 347-695-7703; New York City Council Candidate Sam T. Pirozzolo (R-50 C.D) introduced a plan to address a concerning spike in motor-vehicle and pedestrian incidents on Staten Island and […]

Homeschool Resource Hub

Below is information pertaining to the enrollment of NYC Students in Homeschool through the New York City Department of Education. **NOTE: Full-Time Remote Learning and Home schooling are not the same. Do not register for home schooling if you want Full-Time Remote Learning at a public school. To register for Remote Learning contact your child’s […]

Sam Pirozzolo Testifies at MTA Toll Hike Hearing: Who Would You Rather Have?

On Wendesday, December 9th, 2020, New York City Council Candidate Sam T. Pirozzolo (R-Mid Island) provided testimony to the MTA Board on the reckless elimination of the Staten Island resident discount on the Verrazano Bridge. Below is his statement. “On December 9th I provided testimony to the MTA about the possible elimination of the Staten Island […]

Thank You, Chief Corey

New York City Council Candidate Sam Pirozzolo (R-50 C.D) issued the following statement about the departure of Chief Kenneth Corey of Patrol Borough Staten Island. “Assistant Chief Corey has been an outstanding commanding officer of Patrol Borough Staten Island and I thank him for his selfless service. I have fond memories of Chief Corey meeting […]

Sam T. Pirozzolo Statement On Closing School Due To Coronavirus

March 13, 2020 I am calling for an immediate shutdown of NYC Public Schools. As a former Community Education Council President for Staten Island I have helped guide parents and the Department of Education through some difficult times. None probably more notable than the PCB problem we had on Staten Island and in many city […]


By Sam Pirozzolo | Originally Posted on To secede or not to secede, that is the question. Folks, if you don’t know now let me tell you, the secession movement is well underway. In the last nine years over one million residents, many of them your family, friends, and neighbors, have fled the tri […]

NY Post: GDP in NYC’s outer boroughs leads state in economic output

By Carl Campanile | December 12, 2019 New York City is booming, with the outer boroughs leading all counties in the Empire State for increased economic activity and production, according to new federal data released Thursday. Staten Island ranked first in the state’s 62 counties for the amount that its gross domestic product shot up between 2017 and […]

Staten Island Advance: Borelli, Matteo vow to push secession through despite potential opposition

By Sydney Kashiwagi | December 10, 2019 CITY HALL — After weeks of Island secession talk, Councilmen Joe Borelli and Steven Matteo formally unveiled legislation Tuesday that would put together a task force to study whether Staten Island can secede from New York City. Though it’s unclear where the more than four dozen other City Council […]

Staten Island Advance: Borelli, Matteo to introduce Staten Island secession bill Tuesday; Debi Rose opposed to bill and push for borough to secede

By Sydney Kashiwagi | | December 9, 2019 STATEN ISLAND — Councilman Joe Borelli will formally introduce legislation in the City Council Tuesday that would put together a task force to study whether Staten Island could secede from New York City. The bill is being co-sponsored by fellow Island Councilman Minority Leader Steven Matteo (R-Mid […]

Staten Island Advance: Assemblyman Reilly: ‘Staten Island should be part of upstate’

By Tracey Porpora | STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Assemblyman Michael Reilly (R-South Shore) wants to see Staten Island separate from the Big Apple and become part of upstate New York. Reilly told the Advance he would like Staten Island to become part of the upstate region via Divide NY, a plan introduced last year by Assemblyman […]

NY Post: Staten Island pols are sick of liberal NYC and want to join upstate

By Rachel O’Brien | December 7, 2019 | 6:20pm  Staten Island is so desperate to leave New York City that it may join upstate. Republican Assemblyman Michael Reilly is sick of New York City’s high taxes and liberal policies and is hoping the northernmost reaches of the Empire State would annex Staten Island as part of an existing proposal to […]

NY1: Calls Grow for Added Security at Staten Island Mall (Video)

BY AMANDA FARINACCI | STATEN ISLANDPUBLISHED NOV. 19, 2019 STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – The Christmas tree is lit — a festive reminder to shoppers that the busy holiday shopping season is already underway. But it wasn’t bargains that drew residents to the Staten Island mall Monday night. It was something else entirely— security at the massive retail […]

Staten Island Advance: Rally held at Staten Island Mall in wake of violent encounter

By Joseph Ostapiuk  | Updated Nov 18, 2019 STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — A rally was held at the Staten Island Mall Monday night in the wake of a frightening encounter with a group of teenagers that left two women badly shaken — the latest incident after a string of alleged assaults at the location caused police to ramp-up their presence last summer. […]


By Clifford Michel | October 31, 2019 Staten Island resident Sam Pirozzolo went viral in 2016 after erecting a giant sign supporting then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. Photo: Nicholas Rizzi/DNAinfo Sign up for “THE CITY Scoop,” our daily newsletter where we send you stories like this first thing in the morning. The Staten Islander who planted a towering […]

Staten Island Advance: Infamous ‘T’ Trump sign homeowner running for Matteo’s City Council seat, wants to move council offices to NYCHA complexes

By Sydney Kashiwagi | November 1, 2019 STATEN ISLAND — Sam Pirozzolo, the Staten Islander infamous for erecting a 16-foot-tall wooden “T” on his lawn to show his support for President Donald Trump in 2016, is running for Councilman Steven Matteo soon-to-be-vacant City Council seat. Pirozzolo’s entrance into the Mid-Island City Council race makes him the […]

NY Post Op-Ed: De Blasio’s misrule of NYC’s schools must end

By Sam Pirozzolo | May 18, 2016  Once again it’s time for the state Legislature to make a decision about mayoral control of the schools. Should Mayor de Blasio have complete control over New York City public education? His term so far would suggest the answer is an emphatic “No.” Right now, as the kids in […]

NY Post Op-Ed: How to fix New York City’s corrupt schools

By Sam Pirozzolo | August 10, 2015  In New York City, the mayor has substantial control over all aspects of public education. Sadly, Mayor de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña have proved to be unequal to the task, as we’re learning with the ongoing revelations of the city’s burgeoning diploma scam. In response, the globetrotting […]

NY Post Op-Ed: Why parents are suing to end school failure

By Sam Pirozzolo | March 15, 2015 Why are we at NYC Parents Union still suing to force education reform across New York, when Gov. Cuomo is pushing hard toward the same goal? Several people have asked me that, especially since Judge Philip Minardo last week rejected the efforts of the teachers union, the city and […]

NY Post Op-Ed: A tale of two … de Blasios

By Sam Pirozzolo | January 14, 2015 In the eight years I’ve been advocating on children’s educational issues, I’ve seen a lot — but nothing to compare to Mayor de Blasio’s latest shocker. The Post this week revealed that the mayor’s Department of Education hired Elif Gure-Perez, the former principal of PS 316 in Brooklyn, to […]

NY Post Op-Ed: Furious parents: Demanding NYC schools that work

By Sam Pirozzolo | October 1, 2014  In educational conversation, when you mention the words “charter schools,” people tend to either love them or hate them. Unfortunately, either way, the handwriting is on the smart board. A recent survey found only 46 of 925 high-poverty New York City public schools, where most students are minorities, had […]

CBS News: Staten Island School Officials Plan Vote On Undercover Armed Guards In Schools

“There’s tremendous support for it, as there’s opposition to it. It’s not so much passing this resolution so much as it is getting the conversation started in New York City and making the mayor and the chancellor realize that this is something that we have to address,” Staten Island Community Education Council president Sam Pirozzolo […]

CBS News: New Call For Change In NYC School Cell Phone Policy

“This is ridiculous, to bring everything to a grinding halt, to lose the opportunity for students to have breakfast, to lose a class or one or two periods of instructional time,” said Pirozzolo. December 6, 2011 at 3:44 pm NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Should students in New York City schools be allowed to have cell phones?  […]