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Sam Pirozzolo Introduces Plan to Eliminate Traffic Congestion and Increase Public Safety

Sam Pirozzolo Introduces Plan to Eliminate Traffic Congestion and Increase Public Safety


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New York City Council Candidate Sam T. Pirozzolo (R-50 C.D) introduced a plan to address a concerning spike in motor-vehicle and pedestrian incidents on Staten Island and give relief to one of the busiest and notorious roads in Staten Island: Rockland Avenue where 4 collisions took place in February 2021 alone.

Pirozzolo’s plan calls for the addition of another straight-through lane and left turning lane at the intersection of Rockland Avenue & Manor Road. Furthermore, the plan calls for a protected double-wide sidewalk on the southside of the street for pedestrians and bicyclists where they are now required to risk their lives by riding or walking in the street. Sam’s plan also seeks to add a break in the pedestrian barrier at all intersections and opposite side of the street bus stops on Rockland Avenue. This includes installing crosswalks that give right of way to pedestrians while crossing the street. Finally, the plan calls for installation of concrete pads at ALL bus stops, so commuters have a safe and clean place to wait for the bus.

“I believe that with the new shopping center on Hylan Blvd and Beach Avenue, the horrible traffic along Rockland Avenue will only get worse. With improvements to the intersections, we can create an easier, quicker, and safe environment for community residents and employees, as well as safely increase Green Belt access for our hikers and bicyclists” said Pirozzolo.



Homeschool Resource Hub

Homeschool Resource Hub

Below is information pertaining to the enrollment of NYC Students in Homeschool through the New York City Department of Education.

**NOTE: Full-Time Remote Learning and Home schooling are not the same. Do not register for home schooling if you want Full-Time Remote Learning at a public school. To register for Remote Learning contact your child’s current school.**

Differences Between Homeschooling & Full Time Remote Learning:

Category Full-Time Remote Learning Experience Home Schooling

or method of instruction

Fully remote instruction at home is provided by public school teachers. 

Students participate in a regular schedule of age-appropriate, standards-based remote learning from home every day.

Instruction is provided by the parent/guardian (or instructor selected by parent/guardian) directly. 

Parent selects curriculum and materials; submits Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) for review and approval

Interaction with a public school teacher Students will have live interaction with teachers every day. The amount will vary by grade, depending on what is developmentally appropriate. None. Only students enrolled in a DOE school are eligible for remote learning.*
Technology used Students will use a DOE-approved online platform for lessons and submission of work. Students will experience whole class, small group and/or individualized instruction in an online environment. Parents/Guardians are responsible for technology; laptops/iPads are not available to home schooled students from the DOE. Parents are responsible for technology and curriculum.
Access to instructional resources Students will be able to access video-recorded lessons, assignments, and tasks. Students will not be able to access DOE schools’ video-recorded lessons, assignments, and tasks.
Engagement and assessment Teachers will regularly engage students and families to check student work, provide timely feedback, and adjust instruction as necessary, via remote learning platforms, calls, emails, video chats, etc. 

Students and families have access to grades and report cards

Parents/Guardians submit four quarterly reports throughout the year, along with an annual assessment 

Home schooled students and families maintain their own records; transcripts and report cards are not available for home schooled students.

Registration Families are asked to indicate their preference between blended learning and 100% remote learning(Open external link) by November 15 Families can commence home schooling at any point in the school year, not just July 1 with a Letter of Intent to letterofintent@schools.nyc.gov that includes parent and child name, date of birth and home address. Students will be discharged from their current DOE or charter school.
Option to change instructional experience Families who chose full-time remote learning will be able to opt back into in-person instruction during designated timeframes throughout the school year. Families can decide to end home schooling and return to the a school at any time by contacting the local school or a Family Welcome Center.
Graduation option and credit accumulation Yes Home Schooled students do not earn high school credits and are not eligible to earn a high school diploma. High school equivalency options including the TASC are available.


You can register for homeschooling at any time by sending a Letter of Intent to LetterofIntent@schools.nyc.gov with your child’s name, address, and date of birth along with a parent/guardian name and phone number. Include when you plan to start homeschooling your child.

You will also need to complete and submit multiple forms to the Department of Education during the time your child is homeschooled. Below are the forms needed to be submitted via email to the NYC DOE. The DOE will advise on specific timing requirements.

Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) Grades 1-6

Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) Grades 7-8

Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) Grades 9-12

Homeschooling Quarterly Report

Annual Assessment Written Narrative

Home School Attendance Calendar

General questions  / documents (other than letter of intent) can be directed to: Homeschool@schools.nyc.gov

To view the New York State regulations for homeschool education please click here.

Poll: Should The COVID-19 Vaccine Be Mandatory?

Poll: Should The COVID-19 Vaccine Be Mandatory?



Radical Leftist Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal introduced a bill that would require all New Yorker’s who are able to get the COVID-19 vaccine safely be mandated to do so. Read the bill she introduced and let us know in the box below: do you think the COVID-19 Vaccine should be mandatory?

Complete the Form to Download The Bill

Mandatory COVID Vaccinations





Should The DOE Randomly Test Our Children For COVID Without Us


Find out more about Sam Pirozzolo for City Council by Visiting https://samforstatenisland.com

Frank Aversa Joins Team Sam as Campaign Manager

Frank Aversa Joins Team Sam as Campaign Manager

The Sam For City Council campaign is pleased to announce the addition of Frank Aversa as campaign manager.

It is an incredible honor that Frank Aversa has agreed be at the helm of the Sam For City Council campaign. Frank is a political force to be reckoned with on Staten Island. Not only has Frank been the First Vice Chair of the Staten Island Republican party, Frank has been involved in numerous Republican victories and has dedicated much of his time to elect Republicans to office. In short, “Frank Aversa is a political guru and his presence is a signal to all that my campaign is on the path to victory”, said Sam Pirozzolo.

I am looking forward to helping Sam Pirozzolo with his City Council campaign. Sam is a life-long Staten Islander, not only has Sam already helped Staten Island through his service on the Community Education Council, Sam has been putting his name on the front of paychecks for over thirty years, not signing the back of taxpayer checks until they collect a pension. As a business owner myself we can never have enough citizen legislators who understand Main Street the way Sam does. Sam Pirozzolo is the right man at the right time for this job. ~ Frank Aversa

Sam Pirozzolo Testifies at MTA Toll Hike Hearing: Who Would You Rather Have?

Sam Pirozzolo Testifies at MTA Toll Hike Hearing: Who Would You Rather Have?

On Wendesday, December 9th, 2020, New York City Council Candidate Sam T. Pirozzolo (R-Mid Island) provided testimony to the MTA Board on the reckless elimination of the Staten Island resident discount on the Verrazano Bridge. Below is his statement.

“On December 9th I provided testimony to the MTA about the possible elimination of the Staten Island Verrazzano Bridge discount.

There were many speakers before and after me, each with a very compelling reason for the MTA board not to raise transit fares or to eliminate or the Verrazzano Bridge discount.

Instead, I used the remainder of my time to address my fellow Staten Islanders and NYC residents. I pointed out that the members of the MTA board they see sitting before them are mostly appointed by Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio, other members are appointed by governments of Long Island. So, in essence, these members will vote the way they are told to vote by the people who appointed them. If Staten Islanders and New Yorkers really want input into fare increases they must reach out to their state legislators, their Democrat state legislators in the Senate and Assembly in particular. 

I suggested if the MTA really wanted to find money to cover costs that they should look inwardly to all of the recent fraud we have read about in the papers and they should do more to eliminate waste. They should remove their hands from the pockets of hard working New Yorkers and leave us alone especially during this pandemic. “

We need to hold our legislators directly responsible for increases in transit fares and the constant hearings they hold which pretend to give a voice to the people. These hearings are a farce, ultimately the decision to increase fares and eliminate the Verrazzano discount is made by the Governor and the mayor and approved by our state legislators which hold a Democrat majority in both houses.

Read David’s Testimony Below, and let us know. Who would you rather have? Would you rather have the same old, begging and pleading or someone who will stand up, directly address the real issues and suggest solutions. 

Thank You, Chief Corey

Thank You, Chief Corey

New York City Council Candidate Sam Pirozzolo (R-50 C.D) issued the following statement about the departure of Chief Kenneth Corey of Patrol Borough Staten Island.

“Assistant Chief Corey has been an outstanding commanding officer of Patrol Borough Staten Island and I thank him for his selfless service. I have fond memories of Chief Corey meeting with my family and spending an ample amount of time with us, after my son “took his job” for a day. Chief Corey has tackled tough issues, while always reaching his hand out to the community and listening to the concerns of Staten Islanders. I congratulate him on his new assignment and welcome Chief Frank Vega. I look forward to working with you and the entire NYPD to ensure the safety of every Staten Islander and New Yorker alike.”