Sam Pirozzolo is a native Staten Islander. He and his wife just celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary and have two beautiful children who attended both public schools and were home-schooled.

Sam is running to be your City Councilman to succeed Steven Matteo. Councilman Matteo has done a fantastic job for District 50 and accomplished much for all of Staten Island. It is Sam’s goal to build upon Steve’s successes and try to bring common sense back into NYC politics.

Sam seeks your support now as he winds down his career. He is fifty-five years old and looking more towards retirement than building a pension. He is not seeking to be your councilman so he can “go along to get along”. Sam is running to improve our community and will be a councilman of the People and not the Party.

He has owned and operated his own optical business for over thirty years. Many of you know Sam as President of Community Education Council 31 where he served for seven years. The CEC was credited with many accomplishments you can read about elsewhere on this website.

He is very involved in his business community of Astoria, Queens. He served as a member of the Steinway Street Business Improvement District and as chairperson of their Security Committee, Marketing & Promotion Committee, and Sanitation Committee. Eventually, his service led him to become president of the Steinway BID where he oversaw all committees but also specialized in community outreach to businesses, residents, elected officials, and the NYC Police Department.

Professionally, he served as the president of the NYS Society of Opticians, Metro Chapter, dedicating himself to the furtherment of his profession. Sam is a NYS licensed optician and contact lens professional. During his career, Sam has helped numerous young people to advance to college, pass their State Boards and become licensed professionals themselves.

He asks you to help him oppose the reckless policies of Mayor de Blasio and fight to keep NYC secure and clean the way it was during the Giuliani and Bloomberg years. No longer can we afford to be complacent. We must put “People before Party and Common Sense before Nonsense”. It’s the only way to keep NYC safe and prosperous for ourselves and for our children.