Sam Pirozzolo was a member of the Staten Island School Board (known as Community Education Council 31 or CEC 31) for 7 years, during which time he served for 6 years as its President.

The CEC is an elected parent council that advises the NYC Chancellor regarding Department of Education policy and regulations. The CEC also represents parents in the public-school decision-making process.

Many of the 42 resolutions established by the CEC under Sam’s leadership were later adopted by the NYC Board of Education for all 1,200 NYC public schools because they made sense.

From May 2008 through August 2014, with Sam as President, the CEC advocated for better public schools, parent involvement, student safety, student rights and worked to improve Staten Island public schools by solving issues affecting our students. 

The following Council Resolutions were voted on and passed during Sam’s tenure as President (the topics listed with *asterisks* were subsequently adopted by the Department of Education):

  • *Expansion of Gifted & Talented programs to include Pre-K, Kindergarten and 5th Grade students*
  • *Expansion of Gifted & Talented programs to include all middle school students (Grades 6-8)*
  • *Establish new school (PS 53) with 438 new school seats*
  • *Establish Gifted & Talented testing for all entry level grades (Pre-K & K)*
  • *Modify the G&T test information handbooks and procedure requesting G&T testing*
  • Improve the governance of our public schools by strengthening the Panel for Education Policy (PEP)
  • Request that DOE & SUNY-Board of Regents deny charter incorporation to any applicant that does not limit salaries for charter school administrators or follow standards of conduct regarding use of public taxpayer funds
  • *Evaluate installing traffic cameras or license plate readers on school buses to deter illegal passing of stopped school buses*
  • *Approval of zoning plan for new school PS 861 and rezoning plan for PS 20, 21, 22 and 44*
  • Recommendation that parents be notified 1 year in advance if school renovation or construction will be ongoing at their child’s school
  • *Approval of zoning plan for new PS/IS 861 and rezoning for IS 51 and IS 72*
  • *Request that DOE collaborates with MTA to reschedule bus routes for IS 51 at dismissal and request additional NYPD coverage for IS 51 dismissal*
  • *Recommendation to implement a citywide Public Address/Fire Alarm System replacement in schools*
  • Request revision of NYS Education Law to require charter schools to pay market-value rent to DOE for space in NYC public school buildings
  • *Recommendation to acquire the former St. Peter’s HS for Girls building for a new public school*
  • Request DOE reevaluate its spending to ensure that students are not affect by teacher lay-offs in 2012
  • *Request NYS legislature and NYC Council amend traffic laws to prohibit U-turns in school zones and U-turns to avoid a stopped school bus*
  • *Request amendment of Chancellor’s Regulation A-412 (cell phone policy) to permit students to possess cell phones in school*
  • Request creation of Safety Hazard Advisory Review Program (S.H.A.R.P.) for all OPT hazard variance applications
  • Request NYS legislators amend NYS Education Law §3635 to give yellow school bus service to all eligible 7th & 8th Grade students on Staten Island
  • *Request DOE Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT) allow bus variance applications to be submitted online for hazard variances, emergency variances and medical variances*
  • Recommendation that DOE installs buzzer & video entry systems at main entrances of all NYC public school buildings and consider hiring retired NYPD police officers to work as school security personnel
  • *Establish names for the following schools: PS 41, PS 53, Petrides’ soccer field, and the auditorium of PS 44*
  • Agreement to support the NYSER v. State of New York lawsuit
  • Request that DOE expand the monitoring of student incidents to identify repeated patterns of behavior requiring additional support or intervention
  • *Approval of zoning plan for new PS 62 and rezoning plans for PS 3, 6 and 56*
  • Request that NYPD School Safety Agents be granted authority to issue traffic & parking violations in school zones