Sam Pirozzolo Testifies at MTA Toll Hike Hearing: Who Would You Rather Have?

Sam Pirozzolo Testifies at MTA Toll Hike Hearing: Who Would You Rather Have?

On Wendesday, December 9th, 2020, New York City Council Candidate Sam T. Pirozzolo (R-Mid Island) provided testimony to the MTA Board on the reckless elimination of the Staten Island resident discount on the Verrazano Bridge. Below is his statement.

“On December 9th I provided testimony to the MTA about the possible elimination of the Staten Island Verrazzano Bridge discount.

There were many speakers before and after me, each with a very compelling reason for the MTA board not to raise transit fares or to eliminate or the Verrazzano Bridge discount.

Instead, I used the remainder of my time to address my fellow Staten Islanders and NYC residents. I pointed out that the members of the MTA board they see sitting before them are mostly appointed by Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio, other members are appointed by governments of Long Island. So, in essence, these members will vote the way they are told to vote by the people who appointed them. If Staten Islanders and New Yorkers really want input into fare increases they must reach out to their state legislators, their Democrat state legislators in the Senate and Assembly in particular. 

I suggested if the MTA really wanted to find money to cover costs that they should look inwardly to all of the recent fraud we have read about in the papers and they should do more to eliminate waste. They should remove their hands from the pockets of hard working New Yorkers and leave us alone especially during this pandemic. “

We need to hold our legislators directly responsible for increases in transit fares and the constant hearings they hold which pretend to give a voice to the people. These hearings are a farce, ultimately the decision to increase fares and eliminate the Verrazzano discount is made by the Governor and the mayor and approved by our state legislators which hold a Democrat majority in both houses.

Read David’s Testimony Below, and let us know. Who would you rather have? Would you rather have the same old, begging and pleading or someone who will stand up, directly address the real issues and suggest solutions.